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Season tickets - NOSPR

Season tickets

Buy a carnet for the Katowice Kultura Natura Festival 2022 – Journey

A new offer for music lovers will be the chance to buy a special festival pass, which will enhance the festival experience even more. By purchasing tickets to all eight festival concerts, you can get as much as 45% off, while at the same time keeping all the concessions that apply when buying tickets for individual concerts. This is an excellent proposition for all those who wish to fully embrace the festival atmosphere. The number of passes is limited! 

Telephone reservations: 
32 73 25 312
32 73 25 320
32 73 25 321

My carnet gives you discount to buy tickets for concerts organized by NOSPR in the concert hall and in the chamber hall.

The list of concerts for which the ‘My carnet’ offer is applicable can be seen on NOSPR webpage in the My carnet tab.. You have to select the hall and number of concerts.

  • Concert hall - 5 different concerts - discount 10%*
  • Concert hall - 8 different concerts - discount 15%*
  • Chamber hall - 5 different concerts - discount 10%*
  • Chamber hall - 8 different concerts - discount 15%*

* off the price of tickets included in the carnet offer after any discounts eligible for this event have been calculated, if applicable. The price of a reduced ticket is calculated individually for each concert.  

My carnet - regulations for sale in 2021/2022 season (pdf)

My carnet - declaration to download (2021/2022 season) (pdf)

My carnet entitles you to buy tickets with a discount for concerts organized by NOSPR excluding: - NOSPR concerts within subscriptions S1, S2, S3  - New Year’s Eve concert - hired hall concerts organized by external agents - other concerts at the discretion of NOSPR

    More information concerning the carnets:


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