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Construction of the concert organ - NOSPR

Construction of the concert organ

Project title: Construction of the concert organ and purchase of instruments and necessary equipment for the NOSPR (Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra) in Katowice

Source of funding: The European Regional Development Fund, the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme, Priority VIII: Protection of cultural heritage and development of cultural resources

Action 8.1 Protection of cultural heritage and development of cultural resources

Total cost/ EU contribution/ national public funds (the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the City of Katowice):

20,594,633.15 PLN/ 14,286,353.75 PLN / 6,308,279.40 PLN

(5,614,368.67 PLN + 693,910.73 PLN)

Project realisation time: April 2017–June 2023

Project description: 

The project involves the construction, delivery, installation, and intonation of an organ in the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra concert hall in Katowice and the purchase of instruments and equipment necessary to conduct the cultural activity of the Orchestra.

The project comprises:

  • the construction, delivery, installation, and intonation of a 105-voice pipe organ in the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra concert hall in Katowice;
  • the purchase of the following musical instruments: a positive organ, harps, a tuba, Wagner tubas, euphonium, percussion instruments, and a concert upright piano;
  • the purchase of stage and backstage equipment: orchestra chairs, chests for instruments and tailcoats, trolleys for chairs and orchestra stands, screens and overhead projectors;
  • the expansion of the sound system of the concert hall to enable large projects involving music other than classical music, with an extended orchestra: a set of microphones for the big band wind instruments, percussion instruments, choirs, pianos, soloists instrumentalists, symphony orchestras, chamber symphony ensembles, soloists vocalists, jazz bands, and contemporary orchestral music ensembles; digital reverberators; systems of local wireless transmission of sound, indispensable for performances involving soloists vocalists; a sound mixer; and a movable set of loudspeakers; and
  • the expansion of equipment for the recording studio to enable complex recording processes of film music and other kinds of music than classical, including equipment for recordings synchronised with the image, such as microphones, sets of overhead microphones, processors, computer software, workstations, headphone amplifiers, and in-ear headphones.


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