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Project details - NOSPR

Project details

For the development of infrastructure and environment

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund within the Infrastructure and Environment Programme

Project title: Building the seat of the NOSPR (the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra) in Katowice

Source of funding: The European Regional Development Fund, the Infrastructure and Environment Programme, Priority XI Culture and cultural heritage, Action 11.2 Development and improvement of cultural infrastructure of supra-regional significance

Total cost/ EU contribution/ City of Katowice contribution

305,364,372.55 PLN/ 145,560,876.78 PLN/ 159,803,495.77 PLN

Project realisation time: December 2010 – October 2014
Project description: The project comprised building a venue to become the seat of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra (NOSPR) in Katowice. The new building has a total net area of 25,450 m2, with a gross cubic capacity of 199,841 m3, and holds 116 rooms to serve its primary function, including the main 1,800-seat concert hall, a chamber hall seating 300, a recording studio, office and utility space, a guest room, and archives space to store recordings and scores. The project also involved planning the space around the building, with an open amphitheatre, transport services and infrastructure, and the greenery. The main concert hall is designed to serve all kinds of symphonic music, including pieces for extended orchestra, a 120-person choir and an organ.

The aim of the project was to demonstrate the full potential of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice and, by building its seat, to preserve its heritage of European and world-wide significance, thereby enhancing the attractiveness of Poland. The project has opened up new possibilities for accessing cultural resources of supraregional value. The high seating capacity of the concert hall offers easier access to NOSPR concerts. At the same time, the unprecedented improvement in the quality of the acoustics, together with the outstanding quality of broadcasts and recordings by the NOSPR and its guests, provide excellent conditions for the presentation of the orchestra’s repertoire. The new seat, based on ambitious designs, allows for comprehensive presentation of classical music resources of the highest artistic value. With its precisely defined, dedicated technical and usability parameters, the seat of the orchestra will become an important centre for preservation, development and promotion of classical music, recognised on a worldwide scale.

Project status: completed

Project website:​

More information on the Operational Programme under which the project is funded

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