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Organ concerts - NOSPR

Season 24/25

Organ concerts

By combining the richness of Silesian organ traditions with the finest achievements of French organ builders, the NOSPR organ serve as a bridge between the local and the global.

NOSPR organ

The NOSPR organ are the result of countless hours of consultations and the visionary work of the concept's author, Julian Gembalski, the chief builder, Anton Škrabl, and the architect of the NOSPR headquarters, Tomasz Konior. This monumental instrument, in the style of French symphonism, measures 13 meters in height, 9 meters in width, and 6 meters in depth. It comprises 108 voices and two playing desks, one of which is enriched with a German-style manual.

While the NOSPR organ incorporate many solutions inspired by legends from cathedrals like Rouen or the Parisian Notre Dame, they are primarily a contemporary instrument suited for the 21st century. Contemporary, meaning universal – one that opens up millions of possibilities before us, allowing us to effortlessly reach back to the music of old masters and forward, preparing us for music we cannot even yet imagine.

By combining the richness of Silesian organ traditions with the finest achievements of French organ builders, the NOSPR organ serve as a bridge between the local and the global.

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Online concerts

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Choral music

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Photo of instruments laid out on the NOSPR stage from above.

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