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Family Group mini - NOSPR

Season 23/24

Family Group mini

children playing with an animation scarfs

Date: 1 Saturday per month


  • 10:00 AM (children aged 7 - 18 months)
  • 11:00 AM (children aged 19 months - 3 years)

Tutor: Anna Lis

Location: Chamber Hall / Workshop Room

The Family Mini Group offers unique concert and workshop events designed for the youngest music enthusiasts, aged from 7 months to 3 years, whose parents wish to provide them with exposure to live music from the earliest months of their lives.

During these musical gatherings, the youngest participants, along with their parents, take their places among the musicians on stage, which becomes a space for relaxation, attentive listening, and spontaneous responses to the music. Throughout the concert, children and parents are at the heart of the experience, surrounded by sounds, entering a musical world without limitations or barriers, and becoming active participants themselves.

By allowing both children and parents to share the same space and level as the artists, we aim to create a comfortable atmosphere that fosters an uninhibited reception of music. Together, we listen, sing, sway, and engage with rhythm and melody. This concert is a celebration of live music and musical play, mostly conducted without words.

The presence of a parent or another close individual accompanying the child is crucial, as they become a natural "conduit" of musical beauty for the child by actively participating in the concert through singing and movement.

The Family Mini Group meets the needs of the youngest ones and serves as a preparation for their future participation in the Group Family concert series, where they will eventually take their places in the audience. ☺


  • 07.10.23 – Chamber Hall
  • 25.11.23 – Chamber Hal
  • 16.12.23 – Workshop Room
  • 13.01.24 – Chamber Hall
  • 17.02.24 – Chamber Hall
  • 23.03.24 – Chamber Hal
  • 06.04.24 – Chamber Hall
  • 11.05.24 – Workshop Room
  • 15.06.24 – Chamber Hall


Tickets priced at 20 PLN – includes admission for one child and one guardian (package deal)

Tickets go on sale one month before the scheduled event, exclusively at the NOSPR box office – in person or via phone numbers: 32 73 25 312 or 32 73 25 320.

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